Remix is a Chinese restaurant & karaoke bar located on Quinpool Road Halifax. Not only they provide tradition Chinese food, it’s also famous for its entrainment services. Remix also provide their customers with party, team building and other events services. Their most modern karaoke system and board game designs has attracted both individuals and companies to come. Established in 2016, Remix as a new business created their business culture aimed to make their customers entertaining life easier. The owners of Remix are inspired by the idea that people should not worry about how to have fun, once they came in for dinner, they will have lots options after I this same place. By a thorough market analysis, Remix determined their target market would be students, young professionals who are looking for fun after long hours work, and companies which look for good place for team building and holiday parties. 

The first thing we do to help Remix as a new business is to design their marketing materials for marketing use. As a new business, our priority for Remix is to spread their public awareness. With a good understanding of their target market, Will Film helped Remix design their flyers, menu, and logo. We provide services not only restrict to photography and design which present all modern concepts, we also produced an online episode for Remix to further spread their public awareness. Other than a great content to present their services, we also cooperate with Remix to provide give always and luck draw section for online audience to motivate everyone sharing and spreading the episode. Our online episode helped Remix gain over 4500 views and followers, which hugely increased its public popularity.

Will Film also designed and published an advertisement for Remix on Halitube Magazine, which, again, helped Remix to increase their awareness among new comers.