More than ten years ago, a winemaking experiment pioneered a new wine category to celebrate Nova Scotia’s unique maritime terroir – Nova 7.

The name ‘Nova 7’ encompasses so much of what has made this wine “an East Coast trailblazer”. ‘Nova’ pays homage to the winemakers’ commitment to a wine that could only be made in the Province of Nova Scotia and for the Latin word “new” to reflect the daring notion that we would create something completely original. And, finally, the ‘7’ in tribute to 2007, the year of the first commercial vintage when no one at Benjamin Bridge could have predicted the wine’s future success.

Following another wild fermented vintage using strictly indigenous yeast, in an effort to respect the wine’s living properties, the 2017 vintage has seen no added sulphites during the entire winemaking process, and all the way to bottling, when only the smallest amount was used. Since its inception, this wine has relied solely on natural sugars from the fruit itself, as well as an ever-increasing proportion of certified organic grapes.

The growing season saw unprecedented summer-like weather in October, magnifying the aromatic intensity of the grapes, and resulting in highly fragrant Muscat varieties with superior oral and tropical characteristics.

To date, this vintage is the clearest snapshot of our region’s capacity for wines of unparalleled freshness and energy.